Do New Year Resolutions Work?

Feb 2, 2022

 by Edgar Torres

Do New Year’s resolutions work?

Starting a new year with a new goal or habit can sound amazing because it gives you the feeling of a clean slate.

That “clean slate” though, can feel like a LOVE of pressure, making it feel like you have to be perfect – which can actually make it even harder to reach your goals.

But not if you make this ONE mental leap:

The date you actually begin working toward a new goal doesn’t matter – whether it’s Jan. 1 or July 30 or RIGHT NOW.

What matters is your approach – which is realizing that the key to sticking with your “resolutions” is the same as it is when you decide to pursue ANY goal:

Have a plan
Give your plan time to work
Have a plan to get back ON track when you inevitably fall OFF track. (It happens to everyone. Those who succeed just get back up and start again!)

If you’re ready to make a change … we are here to help you.

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Have you started working towards your 2022 Goals yet?