We believe there’s two ways to train in the offseason. The right way & the wrong way. If your serious about adding some mass, getting faster, and more explosive, this offseason? Your going to need to get use to being challenged. Our goal is to help you overcome those hurdles, by providing a system to help you reach your goals.

The best system ever created for creating explosive athletes, is the conjugate training system. These our methods developed in eastern european countries, refined by american coaches, and not your typical western programming. Inexperienced coaches start all programs the same with higher reps, then they gradually build up to heavier weights. The problem is you lose the benefits of each when you avoid the one, or the other.

Simply put most strength coaches don’t know how to use bands and chains, with special exercises, to hack the most important lifts. Ultimately leaving gains in the weightroom, that could be used on the field/court/mat, for you to reach the next level of your sport.

  1. We analyze your sport, the common injuries associated with your sport, as well as the individual needs of the position you play.
  2. Then we want to find out your goals.
  3. Next we anylaze your strengths, and your weaknesses. Are you stronger than being fast? Or faster than being strong? Can you touch your toes with your knees straight?

These are some of the basic factors involved in creating an individualized offseason training program for our clients. Our athletes compete in all levels of sports, from USA Baseball, to IHSA state champions, to the University of Alabama, to the Bellator cage. Call or Text Coach to book your training days. 630-440-7993

Single Session

Per Class
45-90 minutes
Ages 12-18
Build Explosive Power

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10 Sessions

Per 10 Classes
45-90 Minutes x10 Classes
Ages 12-18
Build Explosive Power

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